Renaissance Accelerated Reader in Shannon local library

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The librarian from Sean Lemass Public Library in Shannon explains why they decided to include Renaissance Accelerated Reader labelling in their library.

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About County Clare local library

In our visit to County Clare we had the opportunity to interview the librarian of one of Shannon local libraries, Sean Lemass Public Library.

As Renaissance Accelerated Reader is implemented in over 50 schools in County Clare, many children ask to their local libraries if they have the program. For that reason, they have implemented Accelerated Reader ZPDs when labelling their books, that way children can read as many books as possible but within their book range. A great initiative!

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Photo of Accelerated Reader-using child

When the Accelerated Reader
programme came back in
I was so happy


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Photo of STAR Reading-using principal

It has become
part of the school
culture here


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Photo of Accelerated Reader-using librarian

It makes sense for us,
as the local library, to
have it in place


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Photo of Accelerated Reader-using principal

It’s an excellent
means of tracking
pupil performance


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